Water Meter Maintenance Project

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A reminder to select residents that the Municipality of North Middlesex has launched a Water Meter Maintenance Project to replace existing outdated and malfunctioning water meters throughout the Municipality to improve the efficiency and reliability of our water system. This letter is to notify you that ICONIX is ready to perform the maintenance (sample below).

The Municipality has contracted ICONIX Waterworks to conduct the maintenance work for all residential and commercial properties that the Municipality is unable to read. You are receiving this letter due to this and will need you to book your appointment with them directly. If you have already booked your appointment, please disregard this notice.

There are two ways to book an appointment:

  1. Call ICONIX Waterworks at 1-877-256-4763
  2. Online through ICONIX Website

There is no cost to the homeowner for the appointment or any work performed.