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Larvicide Program (2021)

The first aerial treatment for the 2021 season was conducted on Sunday, April 4, 2021.  Environmental conditions were generally dryer this spring, temperatures started warming quickly and the snow-melt mosquitoes needed to be controlled before any hatching occurred. A few sites had a low number (1-3) of larvae detected during the post-aerial surveillance. One site in Ailsa Craig had a Moderate number of larvae observed and was immediately re-treated.  Overall, the first aerial application was effective, and the timing was appropriate for this spring's conditions. As usual, staff will work with the provider to monitor the situation throughout the season.

Pre-Treatment Surveillance (March 2021)

Updates (2021)

July 22nd Update:

Following a period of wet weather, a Mosquito Larval Surveillance was conducted on Thursday, July 22nd.  Observations indicated that the following:

  • In Parkhill the area below the dam was surprisingly dry, no larva was detected. The floodplains and the large woodlands below the dam were quite dry. It was further observed that the water levels in Parkhill Creek were relatively low.  Vegetation levels were very high as would be expected in July. A thorough surveillance was conducted in the floodplains below the dam.
  • No standing water or mosquito larva was detected in either Ailsa Craig or Nairn. Vegetation levels were very high and mosquito breeding sites normally visited were found to be dry. No larviciding was required or conducted on this surveillance visit.
    Spray Application Map (2021)

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