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By any standard, Ailsa Craig is a very Scottish name. But there is no need to have Scottish ancestry. For many years Ye Olde Towne Hall has hosted classes even for the complete beginner.  Scottish dancing is enjoyed by people of all ages and from many cultures. There is an expression that “The music tells you what to do.” Jigs and reels are fast lively dances while elegant strathspeys and Scottish waltzes are slower. In an afternoon’s dance, you dance with many partners. The protocol is to choose  a different partner for every dance — and it’s proper for ladies to ask men. So, you don’t need to bring your own partner. We usually dance in lines with sets of 4 couples, although some dances have a different formation. When the music starts, you bow or curtsey to your partner then go through a series of patterns which vary for each dance. In all but the most formal balls, someone briefs the dances to explain what to do before the music starts. Often, the dance is walked through during the briefing to further help you learn the dance.

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Weekly on Thursday at 2:00pm until Thu, Sep 15 2022
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